Domain Hosting

Business websites need to be hosted on a fast reliable server to enable your prospective customers to view your site quickly without going to a competitor's site. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality domain hosting service and support to our clients, through our ISP, ICOM WEB; who have been voted the best ISP (fastest and most reliable) in the UK by Internet Magazine in their February edition. They have since maintained a consistently high rating by the magazine.

Domain registration
With over 20,000 domain names being registered every day, it is important to register your company name as soon as possible. We include name registration in our hosting packages and multiple names can be registered and pointed at the same website at special discounted rates.

Our package
Our standard hosting package includes Domain name registration, multiple Dial-Up accounts, 20MB web space, 5 'pop3' mail accounts and access to our vast range of CGI scripts. Additional services include static IP and SMPT mail forwarding.