Interactive CDs
Websyche has developed a number of exclusive interactive CDs to meet a diversity of criteria. When clients approach us with unusual or specialised presentation requirements, we strive to push the boundaries of conventional presentations. Our creative visuals are combined with state of the art technology and innovation to present the idea or company in a new light.
Although some clients choose to adapt their existing websites and promotional literature to follow the style of their CD presentations, we can also be adaptable! You may wish to take advantage of our innovative packages and mould them around your existing site and corporate image, all of your requirements will be met with this unique development.
We maintain the philosophy that any elements of your corporate image should represent the core values and message of your business and needs to be instantly recognisable as a part of your company. If the various areas of your marketing and corporate identity do not gel in this way, we can help you to tidy give them a boost!

Attending an exhibition or preparing a company presentation? Let us help, we can offer a range of animated presentations which can be looped for exhibition displays or manually activated for presentations.
Supplied in CD format our presentations create maximum impact using a variety of display options.

Websyche media E-mail brochures allow a company to display products and services which would normally be found in a company brochure in an exciting and interactive electronic format. The presentation is designed to be small enough to download quickly over a normal modem, stimulating interest in your company.
Sound and animation guide customers to new or existing products and services available. The E-brochure can be linked directly to a website allowing further interest to be generated. Simply e-mail the brochure to existing customers and contacts or make it available to simply download of your website.